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O u r    S t o r y

We have loved every minute of our journey.....

Our Beginnings and Philosophy
  • Formed in October 2012 and becoming part of all insurance networks was a great challenge. We worked diligently and we are now in Network with most Major Insurance providers.  As the private practice evolved we continued to grow, we currently have 13 therapists in our group that are well train 

  • In April 2014, a generous friend  
  • In 2021, with the Pandemic, many businesses have changed, including us.  We now see many clients through Telehealth, virtually.  As a result, the original building has been sold.  The Ceili II will house the main office, plus 7 therapy offices. This practice has now grown to 12 therapists,  2 managers and 1 volunteer. We serve many children, their families, and the dependency and adoption systems.  Many of us are trauma-educated, using Accelerated Resolution Therapy for rapid and effective treatment of traumatized adults and children. We offer play therapy, substance abuse support and Choice for Veterans, helping Veterans regain themselves in just a few sessions!  Amazing work.  
  • We are extremely proud of the work we have accomplished in the community we live in and serve. May all who walk through our doors be blessed abundantly~







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